Remember when........

...............there were wonderful little places in your town that were small and personal?

..............those places were run by Moms and Pops who cared so deeply for their customers that they became friends?

..............that they knew you and your folks and you couldn't get away with anything because they were all looking out for you?

.............these little jewels of our nation's story weren't just the exception, but the rule?

.............those places are still there today.

They remind us that simpler times were more about simpler lives and having the time----taking the time--to care for others.

BULK FOODS AND MORE is one of those places.  Yes, you will find the best produce, meat, grains, and everything else there, but you will come back for the MORE!

There is something so incredibly special about this little store out in the country, where there is always more of MORE. 

I hope you will treat yourself to a visit soon!

              Our wonderful friend, Jennifer , did the above writeup about us.  She was one of those customers, who became a friend!

   The above story is so much of who we are.  I, Dorothy, was raised in a small New Hampshire village.  My daddy owned the only store in town.  We knew everyone and they knew us.  It was great.  Those are wonderful memories.  I guess that is why I want our store to be like that memory.

   Larry and I were married 52 years ago.  We both desired a little country store, but until 2009 did not realize that dream.  We had 10 children through the years, 19 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren.  Larry had 2 strokes 11 years ago and a triple bypass 6 years ago.  He is handicapped because of this.  He loves to greet folks though.  You might see him out by the mailbox in his wheelchair, greeting you as you arrive.    Then again, he may be on the store porch waiting to talk to husbands while their wives do the shopping. 

   When we started the store, Grace was still a single young lady.  Grace and I did all the work and ran the store.  She is now married to Dan Carr.  He has moved on to other interests, but still does the produce.  Grace is a stay at home mom, unless she can't resist saying hi to the customers. 

   We have some wonderful volunteer helpers working in here on a regular basis also. Charlotte is one of those very special people.  They are eager to serve your needs as well.

   We are Praising our Heavenly Father for the opportunity to serve you in this way.  We enjoy helping our customers learn how to eat better, all for the glory of Yahweh! 

                                          We desire to be of service to you, feel free to ask about anything. 

                                                       Larry, Dorothy, Dan and Grace