Sweeteners ,Baking items, Herbs, spices, & much more


       Pure Maple Syrup



      Evaporated Cane Crystals


       Coconut Sugar

       Date Sugar

       Brown Rice Syrup

       Agave Nectar

       Stevia, all variations


Salt, there are many types of salt these days.  WE have a variety of those also.

Baking items, cocoa products, carob products and so many more things, way to many to list.



Oils, such as--                                         Herbs are another subject all together.  We have over 150 herbs and

Coconut oil, all types                                 spices to choose from for cooking , teas or whatever you need them

Extra Virgin Olive oil                                   for.  You can choose from our selection of herbal tea blends or just

Palm oil                                                     make your own blends.  Do your research or look through our books

Safflower oil                                               for your ideas and information.

Sunflower oil

Hemp seed oil                                             We have a wide selection of high grade pure essential oils as well.  As

  and more                                                 always,  if you don't find what you are looking for, please ask.  We are

                                                                  happy to order for you.


                                                                  Supplements are another thing that we carry.  We have a large    selection of capsules, tablets and tinctures from several companies.   We carry NOW, Natures Plus, Natures Sunshine, Pure Essentials, Limited Edition and others.


This is our newest department .  Every Tuesday we get a great new selection of fresh produce.

I cannot possibly list all of the wonderful, organic produce that we carry year round.  We do not focus on local.  We would love to , but we also have to think of cost to you, our customer.  So we shop where we get the best quality for the best price.  If that is local, that is great, but if not, we get things where we can.


This is another item that we have added.  We do carry local beef, TOTALLY 100% grass fed, grass finished!!!  Great prices too.  We also carry local lamb and goat.  We have chicken but it is not local, we cannot find anyone that produces chicken to our specifications.  So we get it where we can.